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Fishing and Recreation
Tally Yakkers in Tallahassee, Florida offers the best in fishing and recreation kayaks and SUPs for sale. In stock is a wide variety of water proven paddle craft with a design in stock for your specific needs. We also offer shipping for those outside of North Florida.

Kayak Accessories

All the top brands
With years of experience on the water, Tally Yakkers has carefully chosen and created relationships with the top kayak accessory companies on the planet. For kayak accessories in Tallahassee, Florida – look no further than Tally Yakkers.

Fishing Gear

Rods, Reels, Line, and More
We love fishing, and kayak fishing in the Tallahassee area is something of a passion of ours. In this, we have fully stocked fishing gear and tackle available at our store front in Railroad Square. Whether just getting started or gearing up – we have you covered.


Fishing and Eco Trips
Tally Yakkers in a true North Florida Outfitter. Aside from gear and accessories, we also offer fully guided kayak fishing charters, Eco/Nature Tours in North Florida. Hometown guides with a true passion for our area in both saltwater and freshwater.

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Whether you need help wth choosing a kayak, accessories, gear, or with rigging - we can help

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