Kayaks and Paddleboards in Tallahassee

New and Used sales from your favorite brands


Fishing and Recreational

We are fully stocked with sit on top fishing kayaks and recreational kayaks that will meet the needs of any paddle enthusiast. Our kayaks are user friendly for beginners and at the same time provide all the functionality that any pro or intermediate is looking for in a kayak. We even offer demos to make sure our kayaks fit your needs and uses.

Stand Up Paddleboards

Traditional and Hybrid

tallahassee paddleboards for sale

Stand up paddleboards are a great way to spend the day on the water. We have in stock everything from traditional fiberglass paddleboards to roto molded hybrid style paddle boards that offer all the great aspects of a kayak with the clean and open deck of a paddleboard without sacrificing stability. Some of these you just have to try and we can set that up!

Used Kayaks & SUPs

Commission and Network

used kayaks for sale in tallahassee

After spending so many years within this industry we have not only formed great partnerships, but have also plugged in with the community. In this we sometimes have great deals on hand for great kayaks and paddleboards that are either used or from demo. You never know what we have on hand or what we know is available within our neighborhood, so just give as a call or stop on by to see what we have.